Would it be good to create a Spanish development community?



I try to say if any official developer or administrator could create a Spanish developer community because there are people who are Spanish and they are not normally accustomed to speaking in English or they not know how to, I hope this gives the development community a idea. or even create a sub-group on this group with Spanish language as a different category with all the help received in the categories with english language and paste them in the spanish category. this is very difficult to do, i just want to let official development group to remember this idea and be able to do it some year, day, month or week.

PD: If any official robloxian developer see this idea, remember to think in using it any official person that brings his accept post i will bring him a solved button for this post, is not very probable but it still want to see any person to look this and at least save it as a possible entrance to another sub-group


I think this is a good idea however most people who live in other countrys, including me, can speak English and they would need to have a large amount of Spanish developers in order to make another community.


Any community that brings a group of users who share a common language, interest, etc is a good idea in my mind!


Yeah cheetah.


But wouldn’t creating this sort of thing cause isolationism? It’s not like lua is in Spanish: It’s in English. I feel as if it’d be a disservice to inappropriately overcater to a slim minority in this case without any changes to the current lua base for international scripting.


I thought that’s what this was for



Would be cool, but I’m not entirely sure how many Spanish speaking developers are out there who can’t speak English, but I might be wrong :man_shrugging:


i dont know lucky, but is a bit possible you can also be wrong if you see spanish people trying to talk in english language, normally everyone feel and need his native language to write and talk, right?


That would be neat, but is studio Localized?
If studio can be in whatever language you choose, then that’d be a great idea…But if studio is only in English, I feel like there wouldn’t be much use for a Spanish Development Community just because of studio being in English.

Just my opinion though.


Could also argue that the reason for the lack of invested Spanish developers is because they have problems getting into a mostly English community. (In other words, the lack of Spanish developers could be due to the lack of Spanish sub-communities.) Hard to say which of the two is the case IMO.


Yeah, understandable. It seems to be the case with say like YouTube. Since I only ever watch English people, you never see or hear of Spanish (or other languages) being massive on the site, and same could be said with Roblox :man_shrugging: Promoting games to become localized I think has really helped though, and hopefully see more languages popping up soon :smiley:


Here’s how I see it:
Do they have a right to speak in their native tounge? Sure.

Without studio localization, Spanish communities aren’t plausible. If not scripting, at least an optional language adjustment for object names (such as Part, Model, etc)

I still believe this is a bad idea until localization occurs; nonetheless, I’m happy to here to rest of everyone’s opinions and why I might be wrong or things I forgot that could help me explain my point better. ( @diegofisgon1234 @CheetahSp33d @Noxility)


People don’t code in natural language. Having to code with English keywords is not a similar hurdle to having to discuss development topics in English when you are not at all confident in your English skills. They don’t need the localization in Studio to be able to make games, they can already do this just fine.

@diegofisgon1234 I’m sure that if you make a Discord guild or so which is a purely Spanish version of the Developer Forum Discord, you could count on Roblox to have it shouted out once it is set up. Nightgaladeld would probably also be interested in joining it if you do.


Yeah, i think is possible but i am not prepared to create a discord server :confused: for that reason i give this idea to people that’s the problem. with scripting and programming language everything is in English obviously that’s the opened door to learn english language but Anyway i dont think that i can create a discord group… we must think about it, or also another person can create it I do not have enough responsibility to take a discord server like that


I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks for explaining that better!


I believe that a spanish centralized discord or community would be amazing! That being so because developers could feel comfortable and be surronded by people who speak their own language. Even so, it wouldn’t even have to be based on spanish only spesking developers, it could be a variety of languages melded into one discord. I’d love to make one now that I think about it!


Sorry for responding late after this thread sort of ended but is there a link to the Developer Forum discord?


@diegofisgon1234 ahora que hay más gente, crees que se posible esta idea?


Si, tienes razĂłn.