Would it be possible to access a game's leaderstats outside of Roblox?

Games with leader stats have their values publicly viewable. If someone was determined enough, they could go through each server for a game and note down everyone leader stats values; unfortunately I’m not that determined.

Would I be allowed to gather leader stats from a game that isn’t mine (I’m forming a data archive) and if so, how would I go about programmatically collecting this data?

I doubt its even possible since these values are typically stored in datastores but maybe there is some API call being made when leader stats is being loaded I can access?

I guess it might be possible to program an algorithm that could monitor that kind of thing externally, but it would be pretty hard. For the sake of simplicity nothing currently exists that would allow you to do that. Generally you need access to the game’s datastore, which can only be granted by the devs of the game.

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I assumed so. I did write some bots in Node to collect this data but I’m pretty sure it’s against Roblox TOS so I’m not going to take that approach. Dev made it clear he was not interested in working on the game anymore but he liked the idea.