Would love some feedback on my new game

Howdy! So after about a year of development, I’ve finally declared this game being ready for the testing phase. I would love to collect and analyze anyone’s feedback for it.

Thanks so much!



After playing for around twenty minutes: here are my initial thoughts!

First off the design of the game is stellar. It’s extremely well made and It’s not to messy. It’s really nice to look at. However, I do think you could spice things a up a little more when it comes to the levels themselves.

My biggest complaint is that it feels really stiff and hard to control. Consider increasing the speed of the robot a little bit or make the turns a little faster. I’m not sure how hard it would be for you to implement this at this stage of development but please consider adding 8 movement direction rather than 4. You can keep the directions of the crates the same (only being able to push them on four sides) but make it so you can move on an angle. Personally my brain tries to take the shortest path as possible and it was a little bit frustrating not being able to fulfill that.

Also, please please PLEASE add a way to pull crates. I had to restart way to many levels because I accidently pushed a crate into a corner and wasn’t able to get it out. If you already have this feature then consider making it a part of the tutorial because I wasn’t able to figure it out.

Some other of my nitpicks involve the following: Crates get stuck on coins and bolts making it harder to move, Add some more spice to the levels, I didn’t make it very far but it would be cool if you added enemies that you could fight while solving the puzzles, Pushing crates onto the keys is way to precise, and I spent way to much time adjusting it so it would actually open the door.

Other than a few flaws, this is a really good game. I might consider playing it later if I have nothing to do. You’ve worked hard and it shows, good job!

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I just did a few levels. It’s a single player game which I’ve been wanting to see on Roblox for a long time so here is some feedback:

Right out of the gate, I’ll say this game has more character in it than some games I’ve bought on steam and I love the feel and nit-picky work that was put into this game. You put the effort into swaying the menu camera when selecting UI, the character can go all directions besides diagonal, and you have a more complicated animation on bolts than just a spin. All things I appreciate it paying too much attention to.

I’ll have to be harsh when I give negative feedback though, because this seems like a well made game and I can’t help it out if I don’t review with hard honesty.

What I find annoying is the visual of objects you push…there is a lot of stutter which ruins the clean feel of the game. Also, when restarting or dying due to obstacles, the restart to the menu screen is unexpected. Many puzzle games do what they can to allow the fastest level restart possible, this game lacks that.

Visually, the puzzles (I’m only on level 4 I believe) are overall quite plain appearing, although some objects within the puzzles look well made. This is further displayed by having a much more detailed area as the first thing the player sees, the menu room.

Finally, the only game issue I had was on level 2, for some reason “next level” kept bringing me back to level 2. I almost left the game thinking there was no more content, but I double checked to happily find more.

Overall, a good game probably worth paying for, I just hope enough people enjoy puzzle games to help you thrive! You might want to add more interaction or gameplay speed at the start if possible to help lure people in more :slight_smile: Liked, Favorited, and followed


I were playing a few levels, here’s a small review:

First of all, I really love seeing high quality single player games on Roblox. Your game has a great UI, the sounds all sound very good and have amazing quality. The gameplay is quite easy but enjoyable. You have done such an amazing job on this game, the only negative about it would be what was mentioned before, when pushing objects it is not very smooth, but I’m sure a talented person like you can do it.

I hope the best for your project! :heart:


Hello, I played the game for a bit. First of all, I just want to say that the interface is absolutely amazing, specially the daily rewards one. As for the gameplay, I found ROBO’s movement to be incredibly stiff, the fact that you can’t move diagonally is slightly annoying. Also please add like a pulling system, I pushed something too far of and had to restart, and when I restarted it brought me back to the tutorial. I also noticed that the map is a bit lacking, it feels empty and kind of boring. Overall I have to give this game a 7/10 (maybe it’s because I don’t really like single player games too much), I feel like more work is needed for this game, but I do think that this game can be really good once it’s done and final. Good luck, hopefully I can see this game becoming popular.


I played the game up to the laser grid level, not sure what level # that was. Anyway, I’ll echo what a couple of the other reviews have said about making the robot walk faster.

I saw a couple requests for pull option for the crates but I think that defeats part of the puzzle aspect.
But, you can make starting over after you pushed a crate to the wrong spot by making the robot walk faster(so you can redo everything that you just did, but faster since you’ve been there done that).

Maybe a shift to run would work for this. So you can maintain precision with slow walk if needed. Or a run/walk button maybe.

The speed wouldn’t be as big a deal if the map wasn’t so large, it takes a while to cover. Players are extremely impatient and will rather leave(and dislike) than walk through a map stage that they’ve already been through over and over at a snail’s pace. Faster robot would be a way easier ‘fix’ for this than shrinking the maps.

I like the look and polish of the game. Great looking objects and effects.


I just thought of another thing I’d echo from a previous post:

If you could make those snap into place when they’re ‘close enough’ that would help keep the game flowing.