Would medical conditions such as diabetes be allowed?

In my game, I want to add diabetes as a possible fatal (but curable) side effect of consuming too much orange juice.

I did plenty of research on this topic within Roblox, and found myself with absolutely NOTHING regarding this concept on the developer forum, or Community Guidelines.

Has anyone gotten in trouble for implementing medical conditions such as this before? Why would it be prohibited? For any answers, I’d love to see sources or evidence as I have stumbled upon absolutely nothing regarding this.

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i don’t know, but i think it probably won’t be allowed

No, it most likely won’t be allowed. Think of it this way - it’s similar to creating a skin cancer effect for anyone that takes too much sun exposure - moderation won’t like that. Even when it comes to the context of it, it’s going to be against the rules and it can bring distress to players - especially if they have the diseases. Diabetes is a very prominent chronic disease meaning a lot of people have it, it would be too risky for moderation to let you keep it.

Try renaming it and alter some effects.

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That’s a good argument with a lot of fair points. But I’m noticing “likely” and not certainty, which leads me to think no one else can find anything regarding this matter either.

As for the renaming, I’ve come up with instead ‘sugar-rush’ for consuming too much orange juice, and the side-effect being ‘crashing’ by falling unconscious and waking up at a hospital.

As a diabetic… why? This seems like a weird experience to deal with in a game, it’s not a “game” to me when I take a juice or anything because my bloodsugars low. It’s a health issue…

Apologies for any offence taken, I did not mean to hurt anyone. The concept was mainly used as an example, as the question could open opportunities for other games and mechanics, for example, an educational (not to toddlers obviously) hospital simulation.

Yeah unfortunately there is no certainty - ROBLOX regulations seem to be very flawed on that, they suspect that the user should use common sense. However, sometimes this can be an issue, as a use of this strategy means that in different areas, uncertainty is bound to be created - something which happened here.

I would suggest that you keep the renaming you have presently, it’s going to reduce your chances of getting into issues with moderation - and that’s better than anything.

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