Would my assets be stolen using exploits?

I wanted to sell something in the asset marketplace and I put the assets in a place for people to try it. Other people said it can be easily stolen using exploits like synapse. Should I be worried? Thanks

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If the asset is in workspace/ingame, then yes, people can steal it. As long as it is replicated to the client, it can be changed/taken if done properly. Correct me if I’m wrong though :sweat_smile:


Technically, yes, somebody could do this. However, it is very unlikely someone will go to the effort of stealing the asset; if somebody can steal any asset in any game they have a much wider selection to choose from than just your’s. An exploiter is much more likely to steal the map of a front page game or something than they are to steal your assets.

If you’re still worried about this happening, you can just include pictures of the asset you’re looking to sell. As long as you take pictures from many different angles, or take a video of you walking/flying around, I’m sure nobody will mind.