Would players play a University or School game?

I want to make a University that actually gives educational information instead of it being a story game, but I want to know from others perspective, would an educational game really be worth my time developing on Roblox? Because I don’t want to waste time giving hours of my day and life on something that will be useless in a players mind. Right now I think that it would be great to do that so people can learn more things such as scripting, building tutorials or maybe even classes that highschools have. I don’t have a real solution right now so that’s why I’m asking fellow developers to hopefully help.


Making a school based game that gives actual content would require a lot of resources starting with knowledge and education. You’d need to find professionals willing to help you write out “tests” and “questions” for students. Another issue would be players getting bored. Why play a educational game on ROBLOX? You’d need a way to make an engaging game that keeps the players online.

If you were to go through this plan, I’d suggest looking at some pre existing popular educational games such as prodigy and etc.

Rewards are also a great way to keep the player on.

If you’re looking to profit, this would be a somewhat difficult way.

EDIT: Please also note not every person plays games for the sake of education though in certain circumstances such as where they have a choice to choose between writing on paper and playing a game, they’d most likely play the game. Most people play games for entertainment.


Ok, thank you for that. I’ll include things that make players stay in the game, and everything else that you have suggested.

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Make sure it’s fun to do so but people who play games aren’t seeking knowledge, they want to have a good time and if your game can’t deliver that they’d find a game that can.

Speaking of Education, I don’t think the target audience would be large.

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Coronavirus: Shuts down schools.
DOUBLEcactus11: Fine, I’ll do it in ROBLOX.
I literally just predicted the lockdown

Jokes out the way, that sounds amazing. I’m pretty sure alot of people would enjoy it!

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I think most players play games to get away from education. But I feel like you could have potential if you do it right.

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I have actually been working on something similar! I think people would play it if it had some form of RP aspect. For example Roblox High School has maths and Royale High has spelling! I would play it for sure, even if it was only scripting and building tutorials (lol I have big ideas but I’m such a noob dev)

What type of information are you looking for in your game if you happen to make it? You also need to remember that the audience are mostly kids. Are you trying to make it stand out for the older people or younger?

I have already started a school in discord and roblox and I have some professionals members that may can help you with your problem. :slight_smile:

Good idea on that, I can include things to keep people attention.

I’m trying to make it stand out for people who aren’t like 10 but still crossing the line of when you start to mature.

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That’s good. Maybe you could record a lot of appealing fun facts that are appealing to all age groups.