Would Saving this much stuff in DataStoreService be more likely to fail?

Hello, This is just a Simple Question I have:

Would Saving this much stuff with DataStoreService cause it to:

  • Error?
  • Go into Queue?
  • Or be more likely to fail?

local Template = {
   Level = 1,
   EXP = 0,
   Cash = 0,
   Banned = {false, "N/A"},

   Items = {
      MobStuff = {Item, Item2, Item3},
      Tools = {Tool1, Tool2},
      Gamepass = {G1, G2, G3, G4},
      Weapons = {AK47, MP5, Kriss_Vector, Glock_17},

Would This happen?

Well, from me personally? No. But there might be some other people that think otherwise.

By the way, you can’t save instances with DataStoreService.

Data of Instances, I was too lazy to create more tables

Assuming your handling you data stores correctly I doubt it will fail or error.

I currently have a system where it rarely fails, but I’m not sure if this will cause it to go into a queue or error because of that much data.

This has to do with how many times you try to write to a key. Just limit the number of times data is written per key and you will be fine.

The limit is 4MB per key, so with this much data you won’t even need to dream about reaching the limit.

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Idk how much that is in this case, but shouldn’t this be around 1KB (or within)?

4MB is equal to about 4 million characters. If you want to check roughly the amount of data something uses you should JSON encode it then check the length of the string.

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That’s good to know, thanks!

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