Would these monetisation ideas work for my game One Shot?

So i have super super recently put this game into testing: One Shot [Testing] - Roblox and the main purpose of the game is for revenue and also for me to try to get a player base which i can hopefully attract into other games i make, my question is though is about the revenue.

So i have planned the following ideas for gamepasses which is to be my primary source of income:

  • Different “skin” snipers

  • Health boosts

  • Better snipers (ones not to much better) eg one with more ammo

Do you think these ideas will be good and if so which would you say would be most successful in terms of revenue?

It really depends on how much of an advantage these gamepasses will give. For example, how much health will the player get when buying the Health boosts gamepass? Or how much damage does the better sniper do. It also depends on pricing. Something I’ve noticed is that the cheaper the gamepass then the more sales you’ll get which = more revenue. But the prices have to be reasonable.

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Pay to win mechanics (Health boosts and Better Snipers) are generally frowned upon by the players. How much of an advantage it gives players and how much it costs will impact how people who don’t want to pay or who can’t will play your game and how much they like. You might lose some active players (a player which plays a game often) if it’s too severe. Every active player is valuable, as it helps your game grow in size, and in return, gives you more revenue.

Cosmetics are a great way to get revenue without having pay to win stuff. Skins (both players and weapons) could be a good way to get more revenue.