Would this be a Good Idea?


So I’m just asking if doing this would be a Good Idea
I’m not Sure how to Explain it, but i mean having 2 Variables together

local Variable1, Variable2 = "Hi", "Hello"
print(Variable1) -- "Hi"
print(Variable2) -- "Hello"

Would this be a Good Idea for leaderstats?

local Saves = Instance.new("Folder")
Saves.Parent = p
Saves.Name = "Saves"

local level, cash = Instance.new("IntValue"), Instance.new("IntValue")
level.Parent = Saves
level.Name = "Level"
cash.Parent = Saves
cash.Name = "Cash"
local EXP, REXP = Instance.new("IntValue"), Instance.new("IntValue")
EXP.Parent = Saves
EXP.Name = "EXP"
REXP.Parent = p
REXP.Name = "REXP"

I don’t think this would effect the game, it’s just better to be more organized and set it out like it normally is.

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On an unrelated note, you should be setting the property of the instance before parenting.

I don’t think that this will be a good idea since it will clutter your code.

You can use the second parameter of Instance.new() to set the parent

local Saves = Instance.new("Folder", p)
Saves.Name = "Saves"

local level, cash = Instance.new("IntValue", Saves), Instance.new("IntValue", Saves)
level.Name = "Level"
cash.Name = "Cash"

local EXP, REXP = Instance.new("IntValue", Saves), Instance.new("IntValue", p)
EXP.Name = "EXP"
REXP.Name = "REXP"

I know, But people are telling me it isnt a good idea to do this.

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