Would This Be Actually Good/Useful?

So, I just thought of having a Game that needs multiple persons to work, and I thought “Wait, but if there’s different maps or something like that in the Game and they’re random, how would I test it in-Game?” And I came up with an idea, if allowing certain very trusted people to have some kind of ‘Admin’ commands, that would allow them to choose a map regardless of everything, become anything that is in the Game and things like that, but my question is:
Is this actually good/useful?
Thanks in advance!

Yes, the inclusion of these sorts of commands would be very useful, especially because they’re intended to be used for testing purposes. (If the purpose of the administrator commands were to allow certain users to mess around with other players and the game itself, I would have suggested using HD Admin or other command modules from the toolbox instead of scripting your own.) Otherwise, your testers would have to wait around in the game for an excessive amount of time in order for every map to be selected.

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