Would this be against Roblox TOS?

Something that I have taken a notice of recently is the “Friends Activity” feature, I noticed that you could potentially take advantage of this feature to scale a game you may have just released.


A small Roblox developer without the necessary resources and capital wants to scale their new game, the developer then proceeds to create a plethora of alt accounts, on those accounts the developer then fills up their friends slots with players in games which have a similar demographic to their game. After that, they join their own game and get it added onto “Friends Activity” essentially drawing eyes to their own game for free. Think of it like a Roblox sponsor just with a lot of work.

I am not sure how effective this is at scaling a game or if it’s even against TOS in the first place. It is simply an idea that came to mind and I wanted to share it to get peoples thoughts on it.


I don’t exactly think so, but I wouldn’t take the risk. Roblox could easily consider this botting a game though technically it’s not.

It’s an amazing idea, just not sure it should happen on the Roblox platform, also who has that kind of time?

Yeah, it would definitely be suspicious if 20 accounts were under the same IP Address, but I do feel like players are more likely to play games that their friends are playing.