Would this be allowed?

People have made games on World War 2. Though most of these are FPS games. I wanted to make a game as close as possible to HOI4, but I do not want to be moderated. I plan to use the iron cross as the flag, and not mention the German leader. I will mention it through names such as Germany, and Italy. I will try to stay away from ideology as that can be messy with moderation. Events will not be things such as the holocaust, but more of “France has collapsed”. Please let me know if anything here is not acceptable and give me tips to stay within moderation, but as close to HOI4 as possible. I will not mention nation leaders like said earlier.

Clearer title would help quickly point to the issue you want resolved.

This is not up-to-date advice but in the past the Iron Cross was the recommended alternative to any other insignia related to the German Reich. It’d be best to touch down with Developer Relations or Roblox Support for an authoritative answer here.

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