Would this gamepass idea be pay to win?

Hello there, I am brainstorming some gamepass ideas that would be good for my new and upcoming game. The one thing I hate is pay to win game passes and my game will definitely not be one of them.

I am wondering if this game pass idea would be pay to win as if it is then it would be removed from my idea list.

- Juggernaut Gamepass -

Players who own this game pass will get 10% more health (110 total) BUT they will also lose 10% speed (14.4 total)

I don’t wanna give to much health as It would get really unfair to others but the swords in my game do about 20(ish) damage so it would only be about 1 more hit which isn’t much but it’s a small advantage over others.

This gamepass wouldn’t cost too much but Id say a fair price is 95 Robux.

As someone who plays a lot of sword fighting games on Roblox, I personally would buy this game pass as any health gains would be important but the downside is Id be a little slower which in sword fighting isn’t that bad but If I was low then running wouldn’t be a good idea as the enemy could easily catch up to me because Id be slower.

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let non-gamepass holders get the same effects with a rare potion or something and I think it’s fine
imo the loss of speed should be greater than 1:1 to health gains, I’d do 15% less speed

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll keep all of it in mind. Having a potion shop with each potion giving different effects would definitely be cool

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I wouldn’t consider it as “pay-to win” but maybe a op game-pass which is quite common in games and not necessarily something bad every now and then it stays on the “fair” category of game perks.

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It is quite common that almost every game (mostly simulators) are pay to win, and I don’t wanna put myself into that category even If I make less robux. I don’t 100% think this game pass is op as even tho it gives you 10 health more than others but it also gives 10% less speed which makes other players faster.

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Doesn’t seem OP or pay to win at all because of the speed nerf and it’s cheap so a lot of players would be able to afford it

I would consider adding a ‘toggle effect’ button for the players who bought the gamepass.
If they bought it and found out they rather have the speed over the bonus health they can still switch whenever they want. Good luck! I like the idea.

I would make it so when they purchase the game pass they get a tool (Juggernaut Potion) and whenever they drink it the tool disappears from the inventory and the effect lasts 1 round but after the round ends and the player respawns they get the tool again. Doing this way is not only easier as I have very little scripting knowledge but then they’re able to choose if they wanna use the potion that round or not.

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I feel like this should be a product and a temporary status effect.

You mentioned a potion shop, so why not just make this a potion? It can be sold as a product. Recurring sales!

There will be a potion shop in my game which can be bought with coins. (in-game currency - 5 coins per kill or 10 coins if you win a round)

The “juggernaut game pass” potion will be a potion you can buy with coins BUT it will not only be expensive but also a 1-time use, if you buy it with the gamepass though it will be permanent.

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In my opinion, it’s not pay to win since it has a con and it is cheap. But I recommend you to up it like 5 or 10% more health because that’s not a really useful gamepass to buy.

I’ll up it to 20% more health.