Would this get my game banned?

ao uh i added some blood to my game and i was wondering if my game would get moderated for it
here is a video of the gore (keep in mind that there is no dismemberment)robloxapp-20210715-0117140.wmv (2.1 MB)

i have also, in the games description, warned any player that cares to read the description that there is blood and that the game was targeted towards people 13+

My friend made a game (The Test) which had a bit of gore in it. His game got taken down because of that. I recommend that you put like a togglable button (default off) that turns on and off gore.

Edit: I can’t look at your video cuz its not compatible with mac

ok, thanks. ill add that.
would tuning down the blood lower the risk?

Hmm. Yes, technically, I would have it default off if I were you with a togglable setting

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idk but just to play safe you should probably add a toggle

if i can figure that out ill add it thanks

ok should i make it disable both the blood splatter and the blood puddles or just the blood puddles? and also just to clarify the actual blood in the game isnt that bad i was just spamming the take damage button which trigger the blood splatter.

A clarification that the game is 13+ isn’t enough to make your game “safe.” Roblox treats every game as for everyone. When it comes to gore I would make all of it turned off by default.

i understand that a warning in the games description wont stop moderation, i was wondering if i should keep the splatter because there isnt really any indication that you hit someone.

Roblox is generally against gore is all im saying, so I recommend keeping it off when possible.
As for hit detection, its common for games to add a hit sound or a hit gui that shows when you actually hit someone.

ok thanks im making the toggle thingy now