Would this image be moderated and deleted?

Ok so I’m making a military themed game that takes place in a fictional town that is a post-war ruins. I have town sign that says “Welcome to Blah Blah” but I was wondering if I upload a image that is supposed to be vandalized and someone spray painted “Welcome to Hell” be content deleted and I will get a termination or a warning. I don’t want to risk it because I got warnings for non-harmless and simple images in the past.

I don’t really know.
The game “Tower Of Hell” did not seem to have problems with the words, and Roblox allowed users to say the word. So I do not think your game will get effected by Roblox.
But it might get affected by the players, as for most of them think of the word hell as an offensive word.
So I suggest you change the name. But I honestly do not know. Many players like to tattle, so I think making your game saying the word “Hell”. Is not a good idea.

Alright. That makes sense. Thank you

I just changed it to “Welcome to the warzone” I thought that would still go well with the game and something people won’t find offensive

I honestly don’t see hell as an issue and like it a lot more than the warzone substitute. Tower of Hell is quite literally on the front page. The game has the word hell in it’s name and in the image. If you really want to play it safe, go ahead, but for the most part I think “Welcome to Hell” is actually much more of a grabber to players than “Welcome to the Warzone”.

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