Would this part archiving module be useful to you?

I’m working on a module-script that saves parts in an archive. These parts can be removed and added to the archive at any time. There is a function to match two parts based on properties. Of course this comes with customizable settings such as minimum matches, properties to match, and location. I thought that would be useful to gather similar parts based on if they have similar properties. This module-script was inspired by @tyridge77’s post describing how he wanted to have a plugin that selects instances that are similar based on a property selection filter. I had planned for this to be something for just me but I may open-source it later on.

Now for the question I have been waiting to ask: Would this be useful to you if I open-sourced it?

P.S - I would make this a plugin if I open-sourced it.

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I’m super confused on what you mean by part archiving. What’s wrong with just locking the part?

The part archiving was for my personal use so I won’t go deep into it. I do although have purposes for it hence why I included it. The main thing was about part matching. Sorry if that wasn’t clearly stated. I thought I’d have to include all of the modules functions even if they would be for personal use. I wanted to focus more on the part matching as it could be useful in many cases to find similar parts.

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