Would this reward be misleading?

In my game I have implemented a system where winning rounds gets you different hats based on how many you have. They’re famous Roblox hats, like the dominus, domino crown, etc.

I wanted to make them so that there is no texture for them, and that they were colored based on their team color. The dominus would be completely green if the player were on the green team for example. The issue is that the UI I have showing them which hats they will eventually earn shows pictures of the hats with their textures. If a player were to play until they have the wins needed to get the hat, would they be disappointed if they find the real texture isn’t on there? I don’t currently have the know-how to make all the hats textureless in their pictures. I currently have the textures on just in case, but in my opinion it looks much better without the textures and just the team-specific colors

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I find this to be a cool idea, Arsenal had a valentines event in it and the top prize was a dominus skin. Obviously there are teams in that game so the dominus would be bluebird your on the blue team, red if your on the red team and so forth. So I dont think most players would get mad by it.