Would you buy this gamepass?

Hey everyone!

I’ve posted this on Twitter, but I only got three votes, and I don’t want to just go with that.

My game revolves around survival. In the beginning, the players are prompted to choose three tools that they will have throughout the game.

My question is:

Would you play a game with a gamepass that gives the buyer a fourth tool option? If so, would you buy the gamepass?

  • Yes, I’d play the game, and yes, I’d purchase the gamepass.
  • Yes, I’d play the game, and no, I wouldn’t purchase the gamepass.
  • No, I wouldn’t play the game. therefore, I wouldn’t purchase the gamepass.

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Also, if you’d be interested, I ask you to put your price range of the gamepass (what do you think is reasonable?) in a reply.

P.S. Please check out this post, too. Adding onto my previous post regarding a game pass, what price do you find reasonable?

Thanks so much!

Anywhere from 100-400 robux is within reasonable for me.

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Sounds good to me! lol. Thanks for the reply!

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Just some feedback for why I chose to not purchase the gamepass:

I tend to try and play games the same way a new player or guest would. If I don’t have to buy a gamepass, I won’t, unless I really enjoy the game and feel it would improve my gameplay somehow. I do enjoy challenging myself and experiencing games without the “extra boost” gamepasses may give you. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to include the gamepass – it’s a great add-on and it’ll be a great way for some extra income! I’d definitely include it as an option for your playerbase. I think a fair price would be 85-250 Robux, depending on tools allowed!


Hey! Thanks for the feedback!

I completely respect that.

So I believe the way you’re thinking (correct me if I’m wrong) is that you can by the tools individually, a game pass per tool. The way it works is:

Select three, completely free tool options from a GUI of (x) tools, choose wisely, you can’t switch them until next round!

However, if you own the game pass, you can choose four out of the (x) tools. This will give you more of an upper hand. Each tool gives you a certain power-up in game. For example, the Fire-Starter reduces your price to make fires by 50%; the Axe allows you to chop down trees, etc.

Hope this cleared something(s) up!

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I’d think that 75 - 100 robux would be a reasonable price when you take into consideration other gamepasses of similar nature.

Yeah. It helps to hear your opinions, and to hear your recommendations! Thanks so much!

it really depends on the weapon, if the weapon is op compared to the other 3 then it’s considered an unfair advantage gained by paying, which must be avoided at all costs by a game developer.

Yeah. So as I mentioned to another developer, the GUI has all these different tools, but you have a cap of what tools you can choose.

The tools don’t change if you have the game pass, but the cap of how many tools you can have does change.

Hope this cleared something(s) up!

By the way these are really good results considering everyone who voted would be interested in playing. I hope your game will do good!

Thanks for the hopes! It really motivates us to keep working.

I would suggest that you allow users to choose a 4rd tool later on because I won’t buy gamepasses for a game I never played.

That’s completely understandable, I don’t do that either.

So I wouldn’t make pop-ups prompting players to buy the gamepass, I’d just have it in the shop, and if there’s a deal, I’d have a little ! symbol beside the shop button, but that’s all.

Thanks for the feedback and the idea! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t give that much of a better advantage, maybe adding like two slots instead of one and if you made that change I would buy it for 500-650R$ but for now I would say like 200-320R$