Would you click on an ad with this design?

So I am not really a good GFX designer but I thought that I would give making an advertisement a go so I would like to know if you would click this:

And also how much do I spend on this if I advertise it.



I wouldn’t click on it. The text isn’t readable and it isn’t advertising what the game is about!


It isn’t a game bud it is for a Group.

Okay I will Fix that Thank You!

100% no
can’t read it
colors are appealing either
just because it’s bright doesn’t mean people will see it

Definitely not. It’s one of those ads I’d reload the page for.

It’s all over the place, the text is unreadable, and it sticks out on the page. Try using less neon colors, use blending colors, and try to put text in areas that won’t overlap anything else.


Outline your text. Don’t overlap the text.

Ok but those games in the background aren’t your games. Technically it is false advertisement.

Also I agree, the text is not readable.

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I changed it a bit so… please feedback now.