Would you click on these ads? (REPOSTED)

(This is reposted cause the original was taken down)

Hey there! I’m about a week from releasing my game, and I’m starting to create some ads for it.

These are my two ads, and I think they look pretty good, so does everyone I’ve showed.

Could you reply with your opinion of them, if you’d click on them while looking for games, and what i can improve

Landscape Ad -

Skyscraper Ad -

Game thumbnail (for sponsoring the game) -

Thanks for reading!


I never click Ads. Just sometimes click interesting ones like Only LIVONO can play this game or You say you won’t be a cat boy? or Why are you crying? - This Obby is so hard or Alan Walker’s Status - Come join this group or sometimes cool GFX ads.


But if you saw these ads on the website, what would you think and do?

And do you like them also :slight_smile:?

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Sometimes if I think the game looks great or I am feeling bored then I would definitely click it.

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Personally I think you should turn the brightness up on all of them as I only click on ads that completely blind me.

I don’t know, to be honest, it looks great it’s just the font I really dislike them

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The font at the top of the skyscraper ad?

And thanks, happy you like it :smiley:

Aren’t they all the same font? They look similar.

Personally no, I won’t. Lacks info of what it’s about, it’s making me kind of not interested in clicking it. These are some nice ads though but it’s just not for me.


Oops, yeah they are all the same, except for the “PLAY” font at the bottom of the skyscraper, I wasn’t sure if you didn’t like that one or the other one

Thank you! What would I have to add to them to make you click on them? Without making them look like cheap clickbait ads

I rarely click on ads, only when I’m bored out of my mind. However, if that was the case, I would probably click on your first ad.

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Thank you for the feedback! Is there anything I can do to improve on all of them?

I think overall your ads are pretty good, and I feel like it would easily attract lots of people in younger audiences.

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That’s what I was going for, once I get a few hundred people playing, I’ll make the robux back and grow my game with that ad loop

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Sounds like a good plan, I wish you luck in your journey and don’t forget me when you’re famous :+1:

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:smiley: thanks, have a good day!

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Looks great, however I’m going to have to agree with @8unii on this quote:

Also, in the skyscraper ad, the play buttons below ruin the spooky vibe, and it looks weird. Definitely remove that.

In the Landscape ad, the words are too colorful and it’s hurting my eyes. I get the neon
colorful bright theme, but this is just too much.

The game thumbnail is a 10/10!

I see that these ads have a lot of potential. Good work overall, this would be a 6.5/10 for me.

Thank you for your feedback!

The play button at the bottom of the skyscraper ad is to add something engaging to it, something that makes you want to click it a bit more.

And I could turn up the brightness in the middle of the text on the landscape ad, so the middle of the text isn’t as neon

And the font is something I added ages ago to give it a spooky vibe, since it looks like the text is dripping. But also the font has been tied to the game for so long I can’t change it, it’s just become part of the game in my mind :slight_smile:

Your monsters, they look unique and interesting. I’d put more emphasis on them in the skyscraper ad. I’d also change or tweak the background since it looks too plain and generic. You might also want to reduce the blur and bloom since I can barely tell what I’m looking at. Last but not least I’d change the “Play” button in the skyscraper ad. It doesn’t fit the theme of the monsters and the game.

That will probably make me click it if I were to see it. Remember though it’s My preference on it, you can still decide based on what you think. Hopefully I helped you with this :ok_hand:

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