Would you click on this game cover?(part 2)

Hi, a couple of weeks ago I made a post about if you would click on my game cover. I got good feedback so this is my second cover. Would you click on this cover if it popped up? If not what should I add?

Thank you for your feedback!

Would you click on my game cover?
  • Yes
  • No

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Not sure, the picture quality is a little pixelated and looks a little empty… Maybe try adding more people in the background?


Thank you for your feedback! :smile:


The icon isn’t eye-catching, to be honest, and the chances of people clicking on this icon compared to many others are slim.

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Yes I would click on this because something makes this image stick out against other game icons.

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make the character bigger and maybe add people in the background talking/chilling

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If i was more into skating games i would probably click on it but it’s just not my style i do like the thumbnail tho it just doesn’t have much, i would probably consider adding something else or just making the character bigger

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