Would you play my game, and do you have suggestions

hey, im making my first big game that i can actualy do (and can finish), i can give photos later but im making a game where you

  • exploar a city
  • parkour
  • get money
  • drive cars
  • interact with objects
  • rob or protect stuff
  • do missions
  • follow a story about the secrets of the city
    i want to have my game be exreamly interactable and let players choose decisions that change the game
    i have made the city roads and most of the buildings where you can enter some of them, currently working on a crawl animation and finishing the buildings.

i just want to know if you would play a game like that and do you have any suggestions?, (again photos coming later)


Can you elaborate? I’ve seen many games such as this, i’m not sure if the concept is like Jailbreak or SOMETHING COMPLETELY different. Sounds fun, but not enough details/sounds like a game i’ve played before.

Can I see some pictures of the map?


This seems like a version of Jailbreak with a different twist. I like the idea of parkour and running away from cops but you may want to rethink your map idea. When making your game, you want to make sure it’s different from most games, so you can be original! Pictures would be awesome if you’re able to provide them, I’d love to see more.


ok, thanks. like i said i will soon post photos, its just i havent put the map together, most the elements are done, just not put together, i could post pics of some of the buildings and road?

pics and more info will come soon, most the map is done but not put together and im still tryna decide whats the game ganna be about

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This feels a lot like Minecraft story mode by TellTale games, I would definitely play this game since it seems fun and some Jailbreak in it and the Parkour part I’m thinking of the game called Parkour, but you should make everything original since this sounds like Jailbreak a little bit.

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im trying to make almoast everything original but there is insparation