Would you play this game?

I would like some feedback on this obby. It is very new and controlled criticism would be nice.
game link:https://www.roblox.com/games/11143749312/Escape-The-Butcher-Shop-Obby

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no, this is a rip off of another game, including the description.

No, literally every other “escape the” obby game


this is relevant


stolen, I’m sure you used a model copier exploit to get the whole map, this isnt original.

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This is one of the greatest games I have ever played. I grinded it for 34 hours yesterday, and I STILL cant get to lvl 2. The originality is incredible and the creativity you used when selecting which game to steal is dumbfounding. All around great job!


@fancyKR You might need to be a little more creative. Everyone starts off from basing there games off something that has already been done to test the waters and get better skills. I personally would rather see you try to make a game that has not been done and to follow tutorials on YT to help with your progress! If you need any building/scripting help then you can always post it on the Dev Forum. I would love to see what game you could make off your own creative thoughts.

Hope this inspires or helps you to progress in the future of your game Dev hobbies.