Would you play this?

I’ve been thinking for a while, and I’ve been wanting to make a game like bingo.

Would you even play this?

  • Yes
  • Maybe, just on these conditions (reply)
  • No (reply)

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Just reply if you have any additional things to say.

Hey there, based on the poll, I believe its best not to make a bingo game, It would be hard anyways, I’ll just stick to UI design.

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Would definitely play, pinning the reason down on being bored or the idea just filling a gap in the market.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I could also agree, It would be a game I would play if I am bored (since roblox has been super boring lately.)

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Bingo has so many public repositories for implementations in a variety of languages that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s already published it in lua.

I would probably play it, but Roblox already has a bingo game called Bloxy Bingo; you may have some competition, however I think this is the only bingo game and I’m sure you could build upon it. Good luck!

Yea I literally just came across the game.

Well, you’ve gotta make it interesting. It’s not like it’s the only bingo game on Roblox, you have to make it stand out.