X-Wing Showcase

Scripted X-Wing for a commission.


That’s Fire! Great job. Perhaps make the camera move less while turning sharply?


Appreciate it. The person wanted a smoother flight experience, but it shouldn’t affect too much on how much of the aircraft is being displayed.

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I’d reccomend having the raising part become smoother and a little higher up.

What are you referring the raising part as?

When the ship begins to raise into the air.

Looks and flies great! Hope you got paid well for it.

At what @StoneSymmetry said I like the fact that when steering it cranks around a bit more so you can view the place where you’re turning to. I actually find I drive or fly around in most games with my right mouse button held down so I can move the camera to where I’m going to be, not where I’m pointing at the moment (or even lagging behind and seeing the vehicle turn before the camera) since that’s what driving or flying in the real world is like.

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Wow this is amazing! I’d love to check out the game once it’s finished

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Yeah, I suppose I can have it slowly decrease in velocity instead of a sudden stop.

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remove the baseplate and roblox coregui, seems like a whole new game

Polarstar is gonna like this for sure!