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They are. They are literally in the category of “Misuse of Roblox Systems”

This is the post im talking about.


Someone already found it useful


I am familiar with that post, It has not been taken down sit does not violate any tos. Its been taken down for review a few times now, and moderators found it to be fine.


It literally bypasses Roblox Image Moderation. which is exactly “Misuse of Roblox Systems”

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Again, its not for you to decide… Moderators have already found it to be fine and have deliberately allowed it to stay up on the Devforum. If you have a problem with their decisions on that or this post, I’m sure you could email them and explain your grievances. Otherwise, this is not the place for the argument, no more replies are necessary.


Not to mention this is a revamp of a project I created a few weeks ago. The model is still not moderated (here if you are wondering)

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I find this useful, I don’t know why everyone is fighting about the TOS here…


This is obviously very wrong

Some projects like vLua and einsteinK’s Loadstring module are still not deleted to this day, and is permitted to use in experiences. Infact I am also working on a Loadstring sandboxer that doesn’t use getfenv nor setfenv, that takes Lua Code as input and outputs a function (it is based on LBI).


That’s pretty Impressive! I had no idea you could do something like that inside Roblox.


Nice resource!

I made a PR (Pull Request) if you wanna check that out

Also you should run all of this on a Lua Virtual Machine such as LBI if you want more control. Yes it will be slower, but after all this is just a sandbox.


bruh this whole argument is so dumb lets just end it already, The dude is just making code to create a script that basically execute scripts, even if it was against TOS its up to you to publish your game with the executor, which I have no idea why would anyone do that considering the whole point of the resource is to use the script executor in studio so you can test exploits and patch them.


Don’t know if you noticed, but that argurment has ended 21 hours ago

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then my bad i just have severe skill issue


Should there be a UI or how does this work, because It doesn’t show anything except a print that it loaded:

The purpose of the module isn’t to have visual effects, but rather, an module that lets you run executor functions without opening an executor

And how do I use the Executer functions

You first require the module, then run any functions

like this

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")


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@SQLanguage I have a question: does this work in the server? I am planning to use it in the server

very useful resource, Im going to test my game’s anticheat with this and try to improve it


Good job, I don’t know why people are hating on you for providing this. This could be a major help to some security breaches games have.