Xbox chat support

How do you add game chat on xbox games I see a few games with chat.


To add a chat to Xbox you can just copy the chat from ChatService in studio and paste it after you’ve pressed stop and exited play solo mode. Once you paste it in studio you can edit the core scripts of the chat to customize it to your needs for Xbox. (You could also create your own custom chat.)


That’s not explaining what to edit though, I don’t know what part to edit :blue_book:


AFAIK Xbox players only have access to Voice chat.

Nope they have chat too, On MM2 and a few other games they have game chat…

Those games have either an entirely custom chat, or took a copy of the default chat scripts and edited those so that the UI shows up on console. (See @Faultsified’s reply) Chat is not enabled on Xbox by default.


I know this might be a bit off topic but speaking of which can we have built in support for this like the character control for Xbox and other things ?

You should file a feature request in Xbox Features for that, this is a support thread.


Nope, It depends on the Game in which you are, the Developers that add to their game a Custom Chat, the Xbox Players can use it.