Xbox Requirements for a Game?

I was working on my new game called “Fish Catching Simulator” ( and I have some questions on “Xbox” capabilities.

What are some specific things I will have to do for xbox? Will I need to switch around the GUI? In my game you basically fish, then sell fish for cash, to unlock more storage, better islands, better rods, ect.

My real question is, will I need to make any specific adjustments?

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You need to keep in mind that Xbox have no keyboard and mouse. So, as for Xbox requirements your game as to be controllable from a standard point of view. Xbox has less ability to play games because of how the UI’s or the game FPS may be. So, consider all that have been said to make Xbox accessible to your game.


Your game?


Sorry, lol. Im new to developing. I made some adjustments to it.

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There is a list of Xbox (featured) guidelines that you must follow if you want your Xbox game featured.
You can find the list here:

I have summed up the most important things that you should do when creating a game for Xbox players.

My summary:

  • “Common sense”; no adult content, no gambling, pretty much anything that children should not see at a young age.

  • More often than not players will be sitting further away from the display than regular PC players (like sitting in a couch), make your content readable!

  • No content that might be frightening to players at a younger age

  • Game must be well-playable. Cannot be released to Xbox players in an “unfinished” state (must not include “alpha”, “beta” in description or title)

  • Nothing off-topic in description (links, asking for support, instructions), first paragraph must be about your game (summary, like this :wink:)

  • UI must be clear and “precise” and practical, generally not multiple GUIs overlapping each other making it hard for the user to distinguish what menu they’re actually interacting with. B closes the window, A for pressing the button etc.

  • Anything that a player can buy in-game must give what the title / description says. (If you say you’re giving the players 250 coins in the dev product title, but you’re giving them 200, then that would be considered bad). Whatever they buy must also be usable straight after buying it, which means they should not rejoin in order to use a game pass, as an example.

The link above explains it quite well and you must follow it. I just summarized the “main points”.

EDIT: Also know these are the guidelines for getting your Xbox game featured, but it’s also pretty handy and nothing wrong with being prepared and giving your players a best possible experience of your game :wink:


In addition to the suggestion by @1TheCutestDog (beautiful name), please consider optimizing the default Xbox UI selector so that it easy to use. Whipping the left stick back and forth just to get a button is not fun. Your Xbox players will thank you.