Xbox UI question

Hi all so I’ve got a hopefully simple API question.

In my game I want to have support for PC, mobile, and Xbox. The issue I’m facing is integrating UI seamlessly for Xbox. For the PC and mobile I integrate the UI into the topbar so it blends in really nicely:

Now in an ideal world I’d like to somehow get that icon into the radial menu that pops up for the Xbox.

So I guess my first question would be is this even possible? Is there some API somewhere that I don’t know about that would let me do this?

My follow up question to that (which still needs and answer regardless) is if there’s someway to temporarly disable GUI selecting from the Xbox (or at least adjust its z-index). The reason I ask this is because my solution was to use the select button to return to the menu, but when you press it, it enables GUI selection and it glows through the transition frame and looks ugly.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!


I think it’s possible to disable the UI through:

As for adding options to the xbox menu I don’t think it’s possible.


Yes that will work perfectly! Thanks!