Xeno Studios - Looking for Builder

About Us

Hi! I am the lead developer of Xeno Studios which is currently in the process of developing a game called Blox To Life. We are looking for a talented builder who can help us make maps for levels in our game.

The Team
@climethestair - Lead Developer / Scripter
@methunder - Project Manager / Modeler
@Wolfragon - Modeler
@AngelArisen - Artist

Here is the current game place: https://www.roblox.com/games/2506948437/Blox-To-Life-Alpha
It is currently code locked to limit the number of users joining, but just message me on Discord and I’ll give you an access code.

About The Job

We are looking for someone who is experienced in map design and can make interesting and unique levels for the game. We do currently have a particular style we are following, but are open to new ideas. There will be many level themes, so if you are a specialist in only one theme of map design this may not be the job for you. It is preferred if you can 3D model since meshes tend to look cleaner and cause less problems.

Building Style Examples



In order to cover all areas of development as to not waste your time if the game fails or never gets finished, we will pay between R$100 - R$1000 per map depending on complexity. Upon reaching a successful release we will pay R$2000 as a thanks for sticking with us. If you choose to stay longer and join the continuous development we will give you between 15%-25% of in game profits depending on how active you would be going forwards in our development team.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord @Climb the Stair#7129, on Twitter @Climb_RBLX or here on the DevForums.

Thanks for considering this offer!


Hi, your discord tag did not work.
If possible could you add me? iiLemurz_RB#6620

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