Xpresso | Public Handbook

Xpresso | Public Handbook

Vital Links
:link: Xpresso Group
The Communications Server invite is within the group’s social links & description.

General Introduction
“Xpress yourself!”

:wave: Hello & Greetings from Xpresso!

:coffee: Welcome to our wonderful establishment! We provide excellent service for our customers and staff. We share extraordinary experiences with everyone who comes to our corporation & company. If you need any support, please DM or PM a Presidential Division member.

The development of the handbook is in progress.

Affiliation Information & Requirements

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Affiliation Information
Xpresso believes that partnerships and affiliations are valuable members of our community. If you are interested in forming an alliance with our group, you may apply to our Public Relations Department.
Anyone in our discord with the “Public Relations Department” role may be contacted for more information on this matter. If you are interested in applying for a partnership, please make sure you meet the below requirements and if so, proceed to fill out the questions. We will take up to 48 hours to review your affiliation request. After the allocated time, we will DM a representative that you mentioned in your application about your affiliation application status.

:spiral_notepad: Affiliation Requirements
In order to apply, you must meet the following requiremnets.

  • The establishment should acquire 650+ non-botted members.
  • The establishment should acquire 100+ discord members.
  • The establishment should have a good history within the ROBLOX community.
  • Must follow ROBLOX & Discord Terms of Services.
  • Must be willing to announce Xpresso events.
  • Must be professional and respectful towards everyone.
  • Must have an active and professional communications server.
    We offer exceptions to members who are close to the requirements. In order to gain this exception, please contact a member of the Public Relations Department.

:question: Affiliation Application Questions

  • Question 1
    What are some vital links of your group? (Must include discord & roblox group)
  • Question 2
    Who would be two representatives of your group?
  • Question 3
    How would this alliance benefit both groups?
  • Question 4
    Why are you interested in forming this alliance?
  • Question 5
    Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns?
Code of Conduct

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: General Required

:one: Spamming

Spamming consists of sending similar, or same, images/characters/words/sentences/more quickly at one time.

:two: Swearing

Swearing is allowed as long as you are kind to others and don’t swear excessively or at people. Regardless of your connections with them, please stay respectful with the person you are talking to.

:three: Respect & Kindness

Respect & kindness is a given, and not following this rule will not be tolerated.

:four: NSFW

“NSFW” stands for Not Safe For Work which includes inappropriate audio, text, images, or similar media content. Anything seen as inappropriate will result in the removal from the server.

:five: Advertisement

Anything perceived as advertising a group, server, social media, or other, including server and DM advertising, will result in a ban from the server.

:six: Common Sense

Some important regulations may not be included in this list, but think before you speak. Don’t use any loopholes or attempt to do something obviously wrong or bad. Again, administrators will have the final say in moderation issues.

Thank you for reading our regulations, and we hope you abide by them. Thank you!

Rank Information

Middle Ranks

Staff Assistant

The Staff Assistants within the corporation of Xpresso are focusing on attending training and shifts. During training, they are training members of the community to be a part of our staff team. Within our cafe, their main focus is to supervise the cafe and make sure that staff members are working appropriately and customers are working correctly.

Assistant Supervisor

The Assistant Supervisors within the corporation of Xpresso is focusing on attending training and shifts. They may assist Supervisors within the duties of hosting shifts, however may not by themself host a singular shift. The primary duties consist of supervising the cafe and training members of our future staff team.


The Supervisors within the corporation of Xpresso is to work on advancing themselves further and hosting a training, along with shifts. Furthermore, this position provides information that represents Xpresso. If you have any questions regarding management, this is the position you should ask.

High Ranks

Assistant Manager

The Assistant Managers within the corporation of Xpresso are experienced versions consisting of Supervisors. Primarily, they have the same responsibilities as Supervisors. They are completely trustable to work with and ready to help anyone.

Staff Manager

The Staff Managers within the corporation of Xpresso are seasoned members of the Management Team. They are extremely close to being members of the corporate community and are primarily looking for new members of our Management Team regarding Staff Assistants in our lower rank staff team.

Board of Administrators

This is the final rank consisting of the Management Team. They are to be learning the responsibilities of a Corporate Team member so that they are ready to do so when they are promoted. They are also primarily responsible for assisting members of the Management Team & Corporate Team.

Corporate Ranks

An Operations Officer is tasked with running one specialized team (such as Activity, Affiliate Relations, etc). They also participate in general duties acting as a regular member of other teams and other daily corporate duties.

Assistant Corporate

Assistant Corporates select their preferred department and learn how to work as a Corporate Team member. They are new members of the Corporate Team and do not engage in Management Team responsibilities, but do participate within said department corporate responsibilities.

Junior Corporate

Junior Corporates understand the internal workings of the Corporate Team & Management Team and take a position that assists the Leads/Co-Leads of their own department. They continue to participate within department corporate responsibilities.

Senior Corporate

Senior Corporates are the integral part of their respective departments and guide Assistant Corporates and Junior Corporates. They are participating within the leading of their department and handle most of the important duties concerning general corporate duties and department duties.

Presidential Ranks

Presidential Assistant

Presidential Assistant is a rank that consists of completely seasoned Corporate Team members who have worked extremely hard for a long time. They are to manage members of the Corporate Team, alongside development and similar regulations.

Presidential Board

Presidential Board is a rank that consists of trusted members of the Presidential Team who have worked for the community and have been awarded this prestigious rank. They can not rank up any further unless a Vice President is terminated or resigns. They are to manage members of the Corporate Team, alongside development and similar regulations.

Vice President

Vice Presidents assist the President within Presidential decision-making, alongside similar developmental decision making.


There is a singular President, 6ndrewz, who has originally founded the corporation on May 5th of 2021 and manages the Presidential Team, alongside development administration. Questions should not be directed to this rank unless it is very important considering development, financials, or similar ideas.