Yanagó Coffee Bar | Public Handbook

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:bird: Yanagó Twitter
:coffee: Yanagó Game

Yanagó | Description
Yanagó is a prominent coffee bar with an inclusive and friendly community. Yanagó focuses on making sure the community is welcoming and isn’t discriminatory to other people. Yanagó has been growing rapidly since the start of the group. Yanagó was established by helvmm on 05/16/2021.

This handbook last has been updated 12/31/2021.
It is up-to-date.

⏰ Training Schedule

Trainings are hosted daily
・Times will be written down here when V2 is ready.

If a training has been cancelled, it will be announced on our Communications Server. You can find the Trello board of Trainings to see if they have been claimed in our Communications Server!

📝 Alliance Guide

・3000 Roblox Group Members
・150 Discord Members
・A non-toxic, non-discriminative, LGTBQIA+ safe environment
・The main game must be open
・The group must be a roleplay focused group
・The group must not be selling ranks with administrative powers
・Activity must be shown
・At least 2 representatives need to be provided

If you would like to form an alliance with Yanagó, you must answer these questions in a Google document & then you must join our Communications Server and open a support ticket, then send the google document in the ticket, and patiently wait a response from our Relations department.

Affiliation Application
・Provide a Roblox group link & Discord server invite
・Why do you want to form an affiliation with Yanagó?
・How can we benefit your group?
・How can you benefit Yanagó?
Please provide us with 2 representatives & if possible, pictures of shifts or trainings in your group. Please make sure your main game is open, so we can check it out!

📋 Code of Conduct

Rules & Guidelines
Discrimination is strictly prohibited in our Roblox game or Discord server. You will be punished accordingly for discriminative comments or actions.

Spamming & bypassing
Misusing the chat feature is prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly. Do not spam/flood the chat with repetitive message or bypass the Roblox chat filter.

Roblox ToS
You must be following the Roblox ToS at all times in our Roblox games! Users who do not follow the Terms of Service will be permanently banned from all of our games.

Self Advertisement
Please do not self advertise in our Roblox game or Discord server. You will be punished accordingly to the situation.

Please do not start drama in our Roblox or Discord environment. We are a safe space for everybody. We want to keep a friendly atmosphere at Yanagó at all times. You will be permanently banned if you start or cause drama in our Roblox game or Communications Server.

Make sure you’re using common sense!

⚠️ Warning Procedure

Trollers | 1 Warning
Trollers receive 1 warning before you should call an MR.
This means, you should warn the troller once, and if they continue, you should contact an MR by using the ticket system.

Exploiters | 0 Warnings
Exploiters receive 0 warnings before you should call an HR.
This means, you should immediately use the ticket system and provide us with proof of the exploiter exploiting, it can be a video or screenshot.

Spammers | 0 Warnings
Spammers receive 0 warnings before you should call an MR.
This means, you should immediately use the ticket system with proof (screenshots) of the person spamming.

Raiders | 0 Warnings
Raiders receive 0 warnings before you should call an HR.
This means, you should immediately use the ticket system with proof of a raid happening. A raider is a person participating in a group, spamming or causing discomfort in the coffee bar. You may contact an MR if the raid consists of 2-5 people. Contact an HR if the raid is bigger than a group of 5 people.

Caps Abuse | ?
Warning someone for abusing caps is not a valid warning, unless it is used in a prohibited way, such as bypassing the Roblox chat filter, or being rude to customers or staff members.

Bypassing | ?
If someone is bypassing the Roblox chat filter, you must immediately use the ticket system with screenshots of the person bypassing the chat filter.

☕ V2 Recipe Book

Recipes can be found below the important information

You must ask the customer if they want the ingredient for the drink, if it is in italic letters. For example, a macchiato can be iced or hot.

Syrup is only applicable to be chocolate or caramel, the syrup dispensers have been marked with a yellow colored dispenser. Orange colored dispensers are flavors for the milkshakes. Please ask the customer for flavors/syrups, if applicable.

If you are here from V1, you may remember that you need to add a lid and a straw before creating a drink. V2 is different. You may add a lid and a straw at any point of making the drink, at the start, end or even the middle of creating the drink.

Each machine has 3 uses before it needs restocking. A red exclamation mark above the machine indicates that it needs restocking. Grab a box, go to the machine and hold E while holding the box in your hand.

Ice + Milk + Espresso + Syrup

Black Regular
Hot Water + Regular

White Regular
Milk + Regular

Ice + Milk + Regular + Espresso + Syrup

Ice + Milk + Flavor + Blender

Ice + Regular + Sugar + Milk + Syrup

Ice + Milk + Cappuccino + Syrup

Ice + Hot Water + Regular + Syrup

Ice + Hot Water + Espresso + Syrup

Hot Water + Tea Flavor

Milk Tea
Milk + Tea Flavor

Ice + Juice