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Yasaka is a Japanese restaurant serving all types of sushi, sashimi, boba, tempura, fried rice, and mochi! Our developers work hard to provide you with an experience like no other within the restaurant industry. As a member of Yasaka, you may do quests, complete obbys, serve customers, cook food, or manage our rotating sushi bar! Yasaka was founded by zorja on December 9th 2021. Yasaka is currently owned by zorja, and co-owned by sn8i.

:pushpin: General Links & Information

Code of Conduct

Zero Tolerance Policy
Here at Yasaka, we have a zero-tolerance policy. This means we take strict steps to ensure our restaurant is safe and an enjoyable experience.

Exploiting Consequences - Exploiters will be permanently banned on sight indefinitely. If you are banned for exploiting, you are not eligible to apply for a ban appeal.

Trolling Consequences - Trollers will be kicked from the server on-sight. If a troller returns to the restaurant and continues to act in an inappropriate manner, they will be banned. Users who are banned for trolling may apply for a ban appeal. Check out the ban appeals tab.

Session Schedule

Trainees are required to attend trainings at one of the scheduled times below before they can start working. Once passing a training, you are eligible to be promoted through serving customers and gaining points at the restaurant.

Monday - Thursday

  • 1 PM EST / 6 PM GMT
  • 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT
  • 6 PM EST / 11 PM GMT
  • 10 PM EST / 3 AM GMT

Friday - Sunday

  • 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT
  • 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT
  • 5 PM EST / 10 PM GMT
  • 11 PM EST / 4 AM GMT
Rank Information

Rank Information

Here at Yasaka, every rank is beneficial and has significance in some way. Learn all about our ranks below!

Low Rank
Customer - A regular customer that visits the restaurant and orders food.

Noted Customer - A customer with a notable past at Yasaka, a former executive, or a famous ROBLOX user!

Business Partner - A representative from an affiliate.

Trainee - A new employee here at Yasaka who must go to a training to begin working.

Novice Chef - A Novice Chef at Yasaka, newly trained. Junior Chef’s are now eligible to serve customers!

Intermediate Chef - An Intermediate Chef has obtained 200 points and is experienced with Yasaka dining operations.

Expert Chef - An Expert Chef has gained 550 points and is a very skilled Yasaka staff member. They exceed in all aspects of Yasaka restaurant dining, and act as role-models for other chefs!

Shift leader - The rank of Shift Leader can be only be obtained by getting 1,000 points and receiving a recommendation by ANY two Middle Ranks. This is the last low rank and first step towards becoming an Intern.

Middle Rank
Intern - The rank of Intern is only obtained through application or recommendation from a General Manager+. For information on how to get recommended, check out the Shift Leader Promotion Guide. Interns are not granted any administrative permissions, and must complete their internship to become a Staff Assistant.

Staff Assistant - The first Middle Rank that is granted administrative permissions. They have finished learning how to be a Yasaka management member, and they are now eligible to ATTEND trainings and host shifts. Staff Assistant’s also assist in moderating the restaurant.

Supervisor - The role of Supervisor is the second middle rank and have shown true commitment to Yasaka. They help moderate the restaurant, and they are eligible to HOST trainings and shifts.

Assistant Manager - The role of Assistant Manager is the first senior management rank! As an Assistant Manager, you moderate the restaurant/discord and host shifts + trainings! You are also given higher administrative permissions.

General Manager - The role of General Manager is the last middle rank, and the first step towards becoming a Yasaka executive. General Managers help manage all of our middle rank staff, host trainings + shifts, and host affiliate visits.

High Rank
Executive Assistant - An executive assistant aids works behind the scenes to ensure Yasaka is running correctly and professionally. Yasaka has two departments that executive assistants help manage: communications & staffing.

Communications Officer - An experienced member of the communications department that has shown great leadership skills and aids in directing the department.

Staffing Officer - An experienced member of the staffing department that has shown great leadership skills and aids in directing the department.

Contractor - A developer who has contributed to Yasaka.

Project Manager - Lead developer who oversees and coordinates development alongside the ownership team.

Vice President - A member of the ownership team who leads a department and aids in whole-group management. Staffing filled by ghaults. Communications [VACANT]

President - Oversees company operations. Filled by sn8i.

Chief Executive Officer - Founder of Yasaka, oversees and operates all of Yasaka. Filled by zorja.

Recipe Guide

The recipe guide will be published when Version 1 is released!

Shift Leader Promotion Guide

Shift Leader Promotion Guide

Hey, Shift Leaders! Wanting to become an Intern? This is the place for you! In order to become an Intern (the first Middle Rank), you must not have safechat enabled on your account, and be over 13 years of age. It is also required that you are in the communications server. Good luck, Shift Leaders!

It is recommended that you show you activity at the restaurant and in the communications server, don’t hint about being promoted, and be professional!

Ban Appeals

Ban Appeals

Wanting to appeal a ban? This is the place for you! Head to this link to appeal: Ban Appeals
The appeal will take 24 hours to process, you will hear back in 24 hours!

:wave: Conclusion

On behalf of the Yasaka Ownership Team, we thank you for checking out the Community Information Portal. It was an honor informing you about Yasaka.

:ledger: Update Log

The Yasaka Community Information Portal was written by sn8i and zorja, approved by the Ownership Team on 12/13/21.

Release Date - Soon

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