Yes yes and no hello

sent u friend request I am Yash_CommsOPEN

Dang, everything on here was so old, just updated all the images

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Your work is amazing man you do scripting gfx art and gui desing that very impresive for a 13 year old.
You guys should comission dob. :slight_smile:

What websites/apps do you use to make such awesome GFX dude! Keep up the work!!

I am interested in hiring you, Yeezy#5933

Pretty nice work you’ve got here! Keep up the awesome work! :+1::clap:

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Add me on discord my username is savage_SABOR#4581

Do you have any examples of gamepass icons?

Hi, I was unable to add you on discord. Please add me here Deniz.

Hey dob, I’ve added you at: SantaCopter#3943
I have a good offer for you.
Edit: Scripting-wise offer.