Yielding in plugins before calling PluginManager():CreatePlugin() freezes Studio

The following code pattern in any plugin will cause Studio to always freeze immediately upon loading any place.

wait(1) -- or any other yield -- ie. game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(555555)

Two independent Post Approval requests came in about mysteriously being unable to load places, starting at least 8 hours ago. One of these users managed to find the plugin crashing them, and I isolated the problem by stripping the plugin code down.

Though PluginManager() is deprecated, the root cause of this issue is not visible to developers because third party plugin code is causing Studio to freeze.

No crash dumps are generated because Windows kills Studio.

Freeze.rbxmx (1.1 KB)

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We have a fix. Unfortunately it may take longer than usual to get out because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanks for the heads up and thanks for your patience.


It looks like this hasn’t been fixed yet. Just want to make sure it hasn’t slipped under the rug because some other users have been running into a related issue lately.