Yolota Public Handbook


:pineapple: Welcome to the Yolota Public Handbook!
“Frozen delight made for you!”

Yolata is an upcoming ROBLOX group, serving delicious frozen treats all year round. From our frozen yogurt to our mouth-watering ice creams we are sure that you’ll leave with a smile on your face! Not only will our treats make you happy, but they will also leave you feeling refreshed and fuelled for the day ahead!

Ranking Information

As a customer, ranking up is extremely easy! If you’re interested in becoming a staff member at Yolota, just visit the application centre and fill in the answer sheet. Your results will be revealed almost instantly and, if you pass, our bot will rank you to ‘Trainee’!

The rank ‘Junior Scooper’ is our first official staff rank in the group which can be obtained through attending and passing a training session. This rank allows to work in our kitchen, serve customers and more! If you’d prefer to pay for a low rank, they can be purchased here!

‘Experienced Scooper’ and ‘Senior Scooper’ are only a couple of the low ranks that follow after the junior scooper rank. If you’d like to achieve these, you can attend a training once again or gain enough points to rank up, these can be obtained by serving customers at the cafe. However, if you pass a training, Junior Scoopers will be ranked to Experienced Scooper and Experienced Scoopers will be ranked to Senior Scoopers. Senior Scoopers can be promoted to Shift Leader through reaching the correct amount of points to be promoted, the specific amount of points needed to rank up can be found at our cafe.

Once you’ve reached our highest low rank, you must be noticed by a HR+ to be promoted to our first middle rank, ‘Management Assistant’. You can work your way up through our middle ranks by being active, using correct grammar and being professional whilst shifting at the cafe. All middle ranks our allowed to spectate and help out with permission at trainings.

If you’ve reached the highest middle rank possible, you can be promoted to a high rank by an SHR after being noticed as an active, professional and trustworthy member of the Yolota community. The same process applies throughout the SHR promotion system as well.

Promotion Tips

1) Activity
To be promoted, you must ensure you are continuously active within the Yolota community. Not only should you be active on our ROBLOX games, but you should also make sure you are also showing a consistent activity rate on our communications page and group wall.

2) Professionalism and Grammar
Showing you understand how to use proper grammar and maintain a professional personality whilst working for Yolota is key if you’re interested in becoming a higher rank. Maintaining these standards at all times whilst at Yolota shows that you have got the standards and qualities that are needed to become a middle rank.

3) Understanding of how to deal with problematic customers
To become a middle rank at Yolota, you must show higher ranks that you understand how to deal with trolls at the cafe. It will be your job as a middle rank+ to make sure everything is running smoothly at the cafe, if you ever have any questions regarding this topic you can ask a higher rank and they will give you the information you would like to know.

Recipe Information

As a staff member at Yolota, it is crucial to know how to make certain drinks and treats at the cafe. If you’re struggling to remember how to make something, you can always come back to the public handbook for help. More information is listed below.

All our ingredients for recipes our listed and named in the kitchen, making it easier for you to know where flavours, sauces, foods and more are located.

1) Drinks
To make one of our smoothies, all you have to do is click on the cup on the counter at the right side of the kitchen. Once you have it equipped, you have to walk up to the milk jar and then to the desired flavour your customer has ordered. After this, you can walk up to the blender and your mixture will mix into a smoothie, which you can then add toppings to such as fruits, granola and more!

2) Frozen Treats
Our frozen treats are the easiest items on the menu to make! If your customer orders a bowl of frozen yogurt, all you have to do is click on the desired flavour of yogurt and it will appear in your inventory instantly! The same applies with any treat, except it will be located in a different fridge / freezer in the kitchen.

If more items are added to the menu, this section of the handbook will be updated.

If there are any questions that have not been answered in our handbook, do not hesitate to message one of our high ranks+ on our communication server or leave a comment on our group wall. We will try to reply as soon as possible!

:pineapple: Yolota Presidential Team