Yorokobi Barista Trainer Guide


Yorokobi Barista Trainer Guide

**After the trainees are sitting and the helpers are off to the side, you may begin.

Hello, my name is [NAME HERE] and I will be your trainer for today!

Please give a warm welcome to my helpers as well!

I will now be going over what is required to be a barista. Listen carefully!

To be a barista, you must server clients their desired food or drink.

Giving users random food or drinks will result in a demotion.

You do not need to memorize the recipe book as it is on the left side of your screen!

As a barista, you must have a warm and welcoming greeting.

As a barista, you can also give warnings.

The format is W [NUMBER] | [USER] | [REASON]

Invalid warnings will lead to a demotion.

X - WI | Bob | Not good.
Correct - WI | Bob | Trolling.

III warnings is max warnings.

Breaks are only allowed for V minutes.

You must wear the uniform at all times when working.

To got AFK, simply go to the AFK line!

Well, that is all I have for today! Do we have any questions?

  • Answer questions.

Helpers, you may now commence!