Your ads are broken

Clicked both the add for the Puss in Boots tail, and hat, and got this:

Proof I clicked so you givie me hat :smiley:

Edit: just saw the sword, Weevie would liek all 3 now in compensation for both the broken ads, and potentially wasted time of me having to track them down in the future, kthxbai <3

Where are these hats and swords you’re seeing?

You may have 1 hat and 1 hat only.
But you cannot choose.

You will get the Makeshift Dominus Empryus.

Good day.

I suspect they actually hadn’t made the hat/gear yet, and that’s why the ad was erroring

They’re for sale in the catalog for 1 Tix. You may have clicked before the assets were fully released (often gives an error page when you click on extremely recent items).

no sword yet :frowning: