Your opinion in my bus

Yes it works. Yes its fully driveable.


It’s nice, although more details need to be added for it to look better.


I like the simplistic style of it. Y’know, exterior, wheels, windows, etc. It reminds me of something you’d see in a blocky video game. oh wait-

From what I can see, the interior looks pretty cool as well. Personally, I wouldn’t change anything about it. Usually I have some criticism for these types of builds, but not for this one. I love it.

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I would change the main color a bit, currently it looks a bit bland since it’s similar to the color of normal roblox parts.

Also, it’d be cool if the windows had like a small black frame around them.

I think you should add detailed blue bus seats with the bus. You should also add some change box when people pay for their bus ride for their stuff, like in real life. You should also add the petals and breaks under the driver seat.

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