Yummy Foods Cafe | Iced Out Update | 1/3/23

The Iced Out Update Is Here
This event will stay ingame untill the expansion update coming early/late February. As always enjoy the update, and let us know if there are any bugs.


Removed New Years Decor

The decorations at the cafe have been removed, along with items linked with our new years firework event. Hope you enjoyed it.

Iced Out Theme

A new theme and colors have been added to the cafe. “Iced Out”

Skating Rink

New skating rink where the old town square was, have fun but be careful of that slippery ice

Snowball nerfed

To finish the snowball minigame, you must now only make 15 snowballs.

New Hunt

The party hat hunt has been removed, but a new ice cube hunt has been added! Find the last 3 after making snowballs in the iceland obby.

Iceland obby

After finishing the snowball minigame the floor opens up and you can enter the iceland obby. Finish the obby to get a piece of ice and search the obby for the other 2.

We hope you enjoy this new update, and we are exited to see how the cafe grows with us this year.

Game link: 🎄 Yummy Foods Cafe (New Years Update) - Roblox