Yummy Foods Cafe | Update | 1/21/23

The countdown is over, its here
Our newest update brining alot more to the cafe (and fixing some bugs) is now out! Go check it out now


New Music Related Things

We added a ton of new songs, along with rescripting the music script to be alot more smoother + fix the overlap bug. Along with that we have the billboards around the map displaying the currently playing song.

Team Uniforms

Each team (not including customer) has an automatic uniform. You will be placed on a team by rank automatically (excluding jail and security)

New Teams

There are 2 new teams: Jail (for players in jail) and Security (for players playing as security)


The new security group is here! With this comes cafe security. For each rank there is a new set of tools to unlock. This also comes with the new jail where you put unruly customers that are acting up.

Commands Updated

Ingame commands are now based on our moderation group, not our main group.

New Hunt

The ice hunt is gone, welcome the new badge hunt. Happy hunting.


Enjoy this update! We will be back later for the next update shortly. Untill then see you guys down at the cafe