Yummy's Cafe | Training Handbook


Yummy’s Cafe Franchise Training Handbook

About us: Yummy’s Cafe is one of the largest cafe groups on Roblox. We encourage a friendly and calm roleplay environment. Our goal is to give customers a memorable experience! We are an active cafe with frequent updates.

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Shout Information

-You must shout 30 minutes before the training, when the trainings starts, and when it concludes-

Before: [Training] There is a [Enter time with timezone] training hosted by [USER]. Come on down to become trained to become a Barista or even a Senior Barista!

Beginning: [Training] The [Time] training is now slocked! If you missed this training don’t worry, as many more are to be hosted. Go on down to the cafe for a wonderful treat!


Only Trainees, Baristas, and AS+ are aloud to attend Trainings, Senior Baristas will be kicked instantly no exceptions. Any Chief Staff Officer+ may Host a Training, Executives+ may Co-Host. There should be a total of 1 Host, 1 Co-Host, 1 Ranker, 3 Helpers, 3, Trainers.

There should be a total of 9 Staff Members per Session. If you fail to follow guidelines administrative action can be taken if needed.

When naming the trainees they should be named like this

Example: Role (Username) Group (Group Letter)

When naming a Staff Member it should look like this:

Example: Role: [Username] [Role of training]


All staff should be STS on the line, not acting up, but standing still Side To Side and looking like a great example to the trainees. If you cannot act professionally during a training administrative action may be taken.

Host Section

-If you need to delay your training, let the server know and shout it on the group wall, same with cancelling a training.-

m Hello, welcome to the Yummy’s Cafe Franchise [Time] Training! I am your host [User] with your lovely Co-Host [User] today. Please listen to the rules so you know how to act, and what to do. Breaking any rules can get you fired or kicked from the training.


m Rule I - You should be respectful and nice at all times to everyone. If you are rude or disrespectful, actions will be taken.

m Rule II - Do not use any profanity or harmful language. If doing so can get you banned from the group and losing your job.

m Rule III - All staff and trainees should be using grammar at all times. If you fail to do so, you will possibly get fired and fail the training.

m Rule IV - If you need to go AFK, please tell your trainer. Being AFK up to 5-10 minutes will result in you failing your training. If you have to leave, please let your trainer know.

m Rule V - Please do not troll while being trained. If you troll in any sort of way, you will automatically be fired and not allowed to have your job back.

m Rule VI - If you fail your training, please do not yell, shout, or raid at your trainers or the group game. Doing this will get you blacklisted and banned from all games. Remember, you can always pass next time!

Co-Host Section

m Before we begin, does anyone have any questions? If you do, please say PTS and a spectator will come and assist you.

-Set a countdown for 30 seconds-

m Alright well, let the training begin!

Trainer Section

Hello! I am [USER] and I will be your trainer for today’s training session. Before we begin, does anybody have any questions?

-If no questions continue-

Alright then, before we begin, here are some quick tips to help you succeed in the training!


Tip #1 Grammar: Using grammar at all times will help you pass this training because it’s required. If you get up to III grammar strikes, you will fail.

Tip #2 Listening and doing what is being told: If you are listening and trying your best to learn, the chances are you will pass. Making too many mistakes will result in a fail.

Tip #3 Asking questions: Now, if you are always confused or not getting something, feel free to ask a question!


So you will be making a total of 4 items today. You will have a possibility of getting a total of 4/4 points. You atleast need 3 out of 4 points to pass this category.

Item #1 - Drink of your choice

Item #2 - Pastry of your choice

Item #3 - Drink and Pastry of your choice

Item #4 - Drink, pastry and Snowcone of your choice


Trolling Simulation

So in this category, you will be basically experiencing what would happen if a troller were to troll at the cafe. You will warn the troller III times with appropriate warnings. When the troller reaches III warnings, you must call an MR or HR

Please warn like this: WI - Trolling

-Trainers, please dress in an appropriate trolling outfit to represent trolling. Please do not go overkill with the trolling-

Exploiter Simulation

In this category, you will be experiencing what would be going on if an exploiter was in the game, such as hacking. You automatically call an MR or HR, which can be represented by *Calls MR/HR

-Trainers, just do the fly command or tp yourself into the kitchen. Please do not go overkill with exploiting-


In this category, we will be asking you questions about what you have learned over the time. You will need to get 3 out of 5 questions correct to pass this category. A little black box will appear on the bottom of your screen called a PM. Please click it and answer the question.

Pm [User] Question #I - How many warnings does a troller get?
-Correct Answer: 3-

Pm [User] Question #II - Correct the following sentence: hello welcome to yummy’s cafe im bob and how can I help you!!
-Correct Answer: Hello, welcome to Yummy’s Cafe. I’m Bob and how can I help you? (Also they can do Hello! Or I am.-

Pm [User] Question #III - How do you make a chocolate milkshake?
-Correct Answer: Cup + Chocolate Milk + Ice + Blender (They can also do Chocolate + Milk)-

Pm [User] Question #VI - What do you do if an exploiter exploits at the cafe?
-Correct Answer: Call an MR or HR to ban them.-

Pm [User] Question V - Correct this sentence: sorry we dont have hamburgers at yummy’s cafe. pLeaSe order off of teh menu
-Correct Answer: Sorry, we don’t have hamburgers at Yummy’s Cafe. Please order off of the menu-.

-If they get 3 out of 5 right they pass the category. They will need a total of 3 out of 4 categories passed to pass the training.-


Congratulations! You have passed the training session. We cannot wait to see what you have in hand for us at this cafe. You will be ranked shortly.

-Kick message for passers-

Congratulations, you have passed and have been ranked! You may go to the cafe to celebrate!


Sorry, you have failed the training due to not meeting the requirements! Do not worry, you can always attend another training and try to pass. Thank you for attending.

-Kick the failing users-