Z-indexing with particles and surface GUI's

This is an annoying bug that I encountered the other day. Basically, surface gui’s always appear on top, even with particle effects.

Here’s a picture of two parts. On the left is a part with a smoke emitter, and a surface GUI on the top surface. On the right is a picture of the same part, except with no surface gui.

This also affects chat messages and dialog bubbles.

I believe that’s because GUIs are rendered at a different point in time to the world, (including particles) to ensure that GUIs do not face Z-index issues with the world.

As much as it would be nice to see this fixed, I don’t think it would be an easy fix to implement.

No, it’s because SurfaceGUIs are GUIs, which are all rendered at the end of the frame.

So this is a no when it comes to being fixed?

It’s rather a “maybe later”.