ZenoYT | Handbook

Greetings from the ZenoYT administration team! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to learn about our group’s policies, events, and just the group in general. We’ll have everything sorted out into separate tabs so you’re able to read everything clearly.

ZenoYT Origin

ZenoYT all began with a YouTube channel. It then had a Discord server with just a few members. Purplecake613 had become the Vice President as the 5th member. The server grew, and so did the YouTube channel. We did have a few issues throughout the journey of our Discord, however, we recovered quickly and then picked up our second Vice President, potterkitty07/oof.png. We opened up a Roblox group dedicated to ZenoYT a few months after. Our Discord went inactive after we started the Roblox group. We’re now getting close to 200 in our Roblox group.

Group Rules
  1. Foul language, hate speech, bypassing, and racism will result in an automatic ban due to it being considered severe disrespect.

  2. (Minor) Disrespect will not be tolerated. It will escalate into a reminder, warning, and a banishment. At least trying to be respectful is appreciated.

  3. Trolling and mass spamming will result in an automatic ban.

  4. Inappropriate usernames/display names/avatars are not allowed and will be kicked.

  5. You must be able to speak English. Any other languages are unfortunately not allowed because we are not able to understand you.

Event Policies and Regulations

Starting Regulations
We always begin with a short intermission after we post announcements in the group wall/shout. The intermission will last for about 5-10 minutes. If there is no attendance, the event will either be cancelled or postponed to another time.

After the intermission, we’ll start explaining what the event is and what the rules are. We’ll also direct you to this document just to make sure all attendees have acknowledged all the regulations.

The event will carry on as usual, all members being required to follow regulations and follow their designated Administrator.

Ending Regulations
Once the event is completed, we will direct all attendees to the lobby for dismissal and official event completion.

We will shut down the server and post an event conclusion message in the group wall/shout and thank all attendees for coming.

All group rules are required to be followed throughout the entire event. Failure to comply with higher ranks when warned can result in removal from the event.


These are all the ranks in our Roblox group. Each rank will also show how to obtain that certain role.

Supporter- Simply join the group to obtain this role. All members have this role.

Moderation Intern- You must email our ZenoYT gmail account for the Moderation application. You’ll have to pass part of the internship to officially be promoted.

Moderator- This rank is able to moderate our group experiences. You’ll obtain this rank if you pass the Moderation internship.

Administrative Officer/Vice President- This rank is only given to people trusted by ZenoYT and known in real life by him.

ZenoYT/DracoMoy123/President- Only given to ZenoYT. President and Founder of ZenoYT Official.

Alliance Information

We are always open to partnerships/alliances. You simply need to contact an Administrative Officer or above. We’ll give you the Alliance Form to make sure you’re eligible for a partnership.

Our only partners are:
Official Copper Studios
potterkitty07’s Secret Service.

The form will be given when it’s open.

Any questions can be answered by an administrative officer or above. Be sure to read this entire handbook before asking questions!