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Hello, my Roblox username is Zernov and I have been playing Roblox since 2011. Welcome to my composition portfolio!

I have been playing piano for 14 years but have never learned to read music, so I have a highly developed ear for interpreting note pitch and replicating music. I am offering composition services to game developers (or anyone for that matter) who requires a soundtrack for their game, trailer, etc. The content I have listed below are mainly beats that I created while learning to use DAW platforms such as FL Studio, however, I am looking to expand to game soundtracks. I have many natural sounding kits that would compliment peaceful game ambience, intense fight music, or looping melody tracks. Simply tell me what you want and I can draft a melody.

Compositions w/ Outro

https://soundcloud.com/griff-15/nostalgia (Made in 2017)

https://soundcloud.com/griff-15/new-beginning (Made in 2018)

Example Melody Starters

https://soundcloud.com/griff-15/chill-high-vibe (Made in 2017)



I generally charge $20 USD via Venmo for a full melody with outro. For this price, I will create your melody, edit it to your liking, and process / mix it through Audacity. For simple looping melodies, I am willing to negotiate lower prices. I may accept robux but it depends on the project.

Contact me via Discord at Zernov#2929 or contact me here if you want to get in touch. Thanks.


Can definitely say that Zernov is a nice person to work with, I’m currently doing some work for him right now and I can’t complain about him at all.

If you’re looking for a composer, you should probably consider him.

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