ZicTacBack Programming Portfolio

About Me

Hi my name is Jack and im offering my services, as a scripter.So I’m an roblox programmer code really well and, I can make awesome things.
I have learnt a bit of C++ and HTML.I really, love aviation.

My Work

Yet to be updated


Im available up to, Monday to Saturday 5-6 hours.


Payment may start at, 500 -3000 depending on my work I do not accept PayPal pay through group funds.


You could, either message me on devfourms or contact me on discord. Lean555#6636 Thanks for reading :slight_smile: Also I will be also updating this. This is not the best portfolio but im gonna update it later.

Yeah I’m gonna remove that sorry.

The game that you have linked costs 500 Robux to gain access to. Nobody is going to pay 500 Robux to see your past work, instead you should show clips/videos of work you have scripted.


You should definitely include screenshots/images of your work so possible commissioners know what they can expect. In reality, it’s unlikely that anyone will pay 500R$ just to view a few work examples.

At this point, I can’t really tell that this is a portfolio apart from the title since I cannot see any of your work without having to open a link, pay ridiculously 500R$ and then click play, realize that the client has to update and then load in to see what it’s all about.

I do have a few tips and suggestions for your future posts, though.

You should:

  • First-and-foremost try to spice up your post with some header graphics like many people have done on here to make it look more attractive, as well as using markdown. It doesn’t need to be anything complex and you can find a free background on google, crop it then add a text on top of it for example.

  • Include previews of what one can expect from you in your post (no links) because most people are too lazy to check out a place.

  • Not charge anyone to view examples of your work.

  • Include a base-price for your services and a price chart based on the amount of work which commissioners can use to know what they should expect to pay.

  • Write a little something about your experience. How long have you been programming for? Have you ever coded a website? Have you worked for someone before? etc.

  • Do a little grammar check when you’re finished writing your post, as a post with correct grammar will inevitably seem more professional, which you’d want.

Good luck! :+1:

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I’m gonna delete the post since it was a failure, I’m gonna stop working on portfolios for a bit.