ZIndex means nothing?

So I have set up a game that clones GUIs from ServerStorage when a character spawns. 1 GUI is put into the player’s PlayerGui with a minimum ZIndex of 7 in all objects. Then another GUI is cloned into the PlayerGui with a maximum ZIndex of 2.
How on Earth are the lower ZIndex objects rendering over the higher ZIndex ones?

Some info that may or may not be needed:
[li]The game uses FilteringEnabled[/li]
[li]The GUIs are cloned using Script rather than LocalScript[/li]
[li]All objects in the 1st GUI spawned have a higher ZIndex than the 2nd GUI spawned[/li]

Example place where this occurs: http://www.roblox.com/--place?id=70098720 (Loading screen should be above the other GUIs)


That is irrelevant, ZIndex should define the “layering” of GUIs. In this case, the ZIndex appears to be ignored completely and just the order in which the objects appear determines their “layer”

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