Zombie Game Tips

So, I am working on my own zombie rush like game. I need tips for my game for how I can improve it. Game link: Onwar! - Roblox


So I played it and it’s okay. There were some bugs:

For the name tag, make sure that the default name tag is not visible. Otherwise, both the name tags would be visible and we wouldn’t be able to read the text.

There was a title in the center top, it just says Label. Wasn’t really sure what that meant.

I’m assuming it’s still a WIP and it’s fine. Nice start! :+1:

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When I entered the game I saw an empty lobby which will not motivate me to continue playing. You can make the lobby more pleasant by making it fuller. Also, there wasn’t exactly any gameplay when I got into the game, there was nothing to do, which made me want to click the leave button.

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The game isn’t finished yet. It is a WIP.

Good start. From the amount I’ve talked to you before, it seems the design phase is going well; you’ve got a solid idea on what you want the lore to look like and how it will tie into gameplay.

At this point, I think your main focus should be to do what I call “completing the circle”, which means programming the game so that it can start and end matches in a self-sustaining loop. Getting this worked on will be good for motivation since the game will actually be able to be experienced when it’s done.

As for smaller things, you may want to minimize some of the unused space in the lobby, most likely by simply shrinking the building.