Zombie Stories v1.4.2 - NO MORE

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v1.4.2 - NO MORE

Extraction Chapter 3 - No More :open_book:

This update includes, of course, the long anticipated new chapter for extraction!

What happened after that fight with Boss and the enhanced Nick’s squad? Play to find out!

New skins

As usual, some new story themed skins have been added and are temporarily available to obtain. Visit the store to get these exclusive skins for a limited time! :gun: :sunglasses:

Exclusive skins:

  • Captivity AKS-74U
  • Melta-500
  • Warden’s Walther
  • Colossus’ Chainsword
  • Contraband AUG A3
  • Makeshift M14 EBR

Completion Reward:

You will now be able to obtain the Pipe by completing the story on Hard.

Checkpoint System :triangular_flag_on_post:

Alongside this new story, we are excited to introduce the new checkpoint system.

In a few brief points, this system:

  • Will save your progress at certain points throughout the story
  • Introduces the ability to load these checkpoints when everyone dies or you fail the story
  • Gives you 3 retries
  • Reloads player data more seamlessly when you reconnect

Currently the system is only implemented with extraction chapter 3, but we will be rolling it out to the rest of the stories as soon as we can.

April Fools Rewards :broom:

Those who have participated in the 2023 April Fools event will now receive their rewards.

Quick Message :incoming_envelope:

Thank you everyone for your patience. We know this update has taken a long time and we are excited to continue bringing you updates which refresh the game and introduce new and enjoyable features.

Stay tuned for the framework update