Zombie system with proper hording system

I’m currently in the process of making advanced zombies. I’m using the normal roblox pathfinding and the moveto function to set this up. A main issue I have is hording with zombies, zombies will take a single path, as follows; (not my image)

Compared to with proper hording;

It should be more group like. I’ve read so many posts and can’t find a proper solution anywhere, does anyone have any idea how to pull this off without destroying the AI’s path?

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Would appreciate some help on this from anyone who may have experience with AI.

Maybe add an invisible part with a certain radius attached to each zombie with a PathfindingModifier.

You could also put one in their heads which will have an extremely large number to prevent zombies from using each others’ heads as platforms.

This way, while they still can pass next to each other, the AI discourages it and may achieve the hoarding effects you want.

I feel like this would be bad performance wise, I’m planning on having 50-200 zombies in a server, and each one having an extra part with the detection could be performance heavy no?

I’ve read about things such as Boiding/Flocking & Vector Field Pathfinding but I don’t really understand them. Is anyone able to give me a general biss of how to use those within roblox pathfinding and what is best?